About Maflon for Thermosets & Engineering Plastics

Maflon, brand member of Guarniflon Group, is a leading manufacturer specialised in the development and production of fluorochemical products, with innovative and advantageous solutions for different application fields. R&D and production activities are managed in the headquarters located in the North of Italy.

If you require a sample or further information, please contact our Maflon product manager:

Iain Coull

Industrial Business Unit Manager | Tel: +44 (0) 787 260 0377

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  • Fluorosurfactants

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    Hexafor surfactants are highly effective and efficient fluorinated surface active agents based on short perfluorinated chains. They are especially designed to provide rapid spreading, wetting and levelling performances to a broad range of water and solvent borne systems such as detergents, paints and varnishes, inks, waxes and floor polishes. The use of Hexafor surfactants allows to develop formulations to improve several properties such as:

    • Wetting
    • Emulsifying
    • Spreading
    • Foam control
    • Levelling
    • Anti-fogging
    • Anti-corrosion
    • Viscosity control

    Thanks to the their extremely low surface tension, Hexafor surfactants are more efficient than hydrocarbon and silicone surfactants and they can be used for wetting surfaces which are “impossible” to wet out. Moreover, thanks to the presence of the fluorinated chain, Hexafor surfactants are more stable (thermally and chemically) and fit for harsh and extreme conditions than hydrocarbon surfactants.The introduction of fluorinated chain in surfactants offer excellent thermal stability permitting their use in extreme conditions.

  • PTFE Micropowders

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    Lineplus PF are a micronised PTFE additives designed to enhance the wear resistance and lubricity of a variety of materials.

    • Low molecular weight PTFE produced by thermal degradation
    • Rigid particle morphology
    • Improved non-stick properties
    • Reduced coefficient of friction
    • Reduced surface tension
    • Increase wear resistance of matrix material
    • PTFE micropowders can be used as additives in many different applications and at concentration typical from 5 to 20 %
    • Printing inks
    • Paint and coatings
    • Thermoplastic
    • Grease and lubricants
    • Plastic and elastomeric