About Laviosa

Laviosa is one of Europe’s leading companies for bentonites and other clay minerals. Established in Livorno, Italy since 1933. Stort Chemicals can offer their range of Nanoclays for Nanocomposites, primarily used in cable & wires, Tyres and packaging.

Nanoclays for Nanocomposites

Dellite® products derive from naturally occurring clay mineral especially purified and processed in order to obtain a nanoclay suitable for the production of a nanocomposite material.

The most important fields of applications are the following:

  • Cables and wires: improved thermal stability and flame retardant properties.
  • Packaging: better barrier properties to gases and solvent resistance
  • Automotive: improved mechanical properties as stiffness, melt fracture reduction, elastic modulus
  • Rubbers: improved mechanical and barrier properties.
  • Anticorrosion paints: improved barrier properties to sea water
  • Dellite grades

    Dellite grades

    Organic modifier
    Dellite® 67G
    DMDHT (high modifier content)
    PP, PE, EVA, PA6, PA66, Rubber
    Dellite® 72T
    DMDHT (high modifier content)
    PP, PE, EVA, PA6, PA66
    Dellite® 43B
    Epoxy, acrylic and polyurethanic resins, PBT
    Dellite® CW9
    DMDHT (high modifier content)
    Polymers blend for cables (it may also suit other applications where transparency is not required)
    Dellite® LVF
    No organic modifier (lowest CEC)
    Epoxy, acrylic and polyurethanic resins, PA6
    Dellite® HPS
    No organic modifier (highest CEC)
    Epoxy and polyurethanic resins, PA6

    DMDHT = dimethyl-dihydrogenated tallow ammonium

    DMBHT = dimethyl-benzyl-hydrogenated tallow ammonium

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