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Laviokoll – A rheological additive for construction

The Laviokoll range are bentonite rheological additives designed to meet the demands of construction systems. Including Laviokoll into a system will improve the workability, anti-sagging and anti-settling effect.

The range is suitable for us in all mineral based systems such as cement plasters, renders, tile adhesives and mortars. Bentonite additives can be used in addition to and replacing some of the cellulose ethers often used in these applications. Replacing some of the Cellulose Ether content with Bentonites allows to reduce cost and can further reduce sag and improve workability.

The clay network not only improves flow behaviour, it makes the material more shear thinning compared to Cellulose Ethers alone and allows a smoother pumping, mixing or application onto a substrate. The platelets within the clay work like a lubricant reducing friction between the cement and the sand this means that the stickiness left on tools using the Cellulose Ethers can be reduced.

Laviokoll – In cement based tile adhesives

Laviokoll C400 is added and replaces some of the cellulose based additives to give improved adhesion strength, sag resistance and cost reduction.

For more information and a complete test by test run down please look at the following:

Laviokoll C400 in Cement Tile adhesives

UNI EN 12004 approved testing and results.

Laviokoll – In External Renders

Laviokoll can be effectively used in External renders to limit the problems caused by weathering. These include: Chalking, cracking, blistering, strength loss and hazing. The stabilising character of Laviokoll can help reduce this.

Laviokoll in Exterior Renders

Laviokoll – In plasters and Gypsum.

Better workability and performance as well as anti-settling/sagging can be achieved in using Laviokoll C100 in plasters and Gypsum.


Please see the below table for a better idea of the complete rage:

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