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Fire Retardants for Cladding, Intumescent Coatings and Plastics

Regulations on cladding materials are changing. In order to meet these new regulations and to help ensure the safety of your cladding Stort Chemicals is happy to present the following materials for use as fire retardants:

POLURGREEN PRP F 930 01 – a moisture curing prepolymer

This product has fire retardant properties and can also be combined with the common additives to improve this performance. POLURGREEN PRP F 930 01 is filled in the can with the propellant gas that helps the expansion and catalyst to speed up curing. The foaming gives anchorage performance (which can be used in windows frame for example).

[photo] Sapici product brochure 2018.

Dellite Nanoclays

The Dellite range is a range of nanoclays which can be used in polymer and solvent free systems for their flame retardant properties.

They are made up of Montmorillonite platelets which when dispersed within a polymer matrix can improve mechanical, barrier and flame retardant properties of the material. The nanoclays are compatible with a wide range of polymers.

These can be used in wiring and cables but also in any solvent free application where added flame retardant properties are needed. The nanoclays work by forming a char layer which insulates, stops the material from burning, helps reduce volatile emissions to flame area and improves thermal stability.

Vinnol Vinyl Acetate Copolymers – Binders for Intumescent Coatings.

The Vinnol range of Vinyl Acetate Copolymers act as co binders for solvent based Intumescent coatings.

The role of the Vinnol resins is to aid film forming and binding of APP and other components into the formulation. Vinnol resins also allow char evolution and providing a polymer matric for which, within the char can build up. We recommend Vinnol H 40/55 for this application.

PTFE micropowders for anti-dripping plastics.

PTFE micropowders can be dispersed within a polymer matrix and form a fibrillated network. The formation of this network reduces dripping of the plastic and propagation of flame.

PTFE is compatible with a wide range of plastics and resins and can be used in a variety of different applications.

We recommend using Lineplus 150-P


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